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2019. Key to a happy retirement? Fun housemates Robin Levinson-King, BBC News Toronto

2018. Communes spring up across London as alternative to conventional retirement homes. by Kiran Randhawa. Evening Standard Oct 15th 2018

2018 What would an age-friendly city look like? by Alice Grahame. Guardian Oct 10th 2018

2018 Feb  We need to talk about Ageing by John Harris. Guardian Feb 4th 2018

2017 Oct How the older women who built their own co-housing community found the first year together. by Heather Saul, iNews 19th Oct 2017

2017 May 31st. Sisters are doing it for themselves by Isabelle Fraser. Daily Telegraph

2016 August 22nd Future of London
Spotlight on older women's housing

2016 Nick Jones. Ground-breaking housing for women
Barnet Society 
August 22nd

2016 Sixty, female and all living under one roof
August 20th Daily Telegraph

2016 Glyn Thomas. London calling for an end to housing crisis
April 5th Co-operative News

2016 "10 ways to beat loneliness" no.9) "Live together – but not too together"
Observer interview with Shirley. Feb 28th

2015 Esther Addley. Cohousing: "It makes sense for people with things in common to live together"
Guardian 16.02.2015


The Housing Learning & Improvement Network has a section on senior cohousing

OWCH - a case study [pdf]

2018 Housing Futures
Useful overview of the Community-led Housing sector. Takes OWCH as one of its
short case-studies
- Recommendations
- Full report Dec 2018

2018 Living Closer. Je Ahn, Olivia Tusinski, Chloe Treger. Studio Weave/RIBA Jun 2018

2018. Happy together: lonely baby boomers turn to co-housing. Anna Leach. Guardian Aug 15

2018 Analysis: How Older People Live by Josephine Smit 

2018. Cohousing - we're all in this together by Kate Youde. Architects Journal March 9th
Free access but must register

2018. ‘This is the future of aging:’ Senior co-housing communities provide alternatives by By Janis Mara. Berkeleside. March 7

2018. Rowan Moore A Blueprint for British Housing in 2028. Observer Jan 21st

018 Melissa Fernandez, Kath Scanlon and Karen West. Wellbeing and age in cohousing life : thinking with and beyond design. Housing LIN. Jan 2018

2017. Of flux or finality? On the process and dynamics of a co-housing group in formation Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia and Kathleen Scanlon p115

In: Self-Build Homes: Social Discourse, Experiences and Directions' Edited by Michaela Benson and Iqbal Hamiduddin UCL Press Dec 2017

2017, Housing LIN, Maria Brenton, ‘Community-building for old age’

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2016 Urban Cohousing the Babayaga way. Linda Abbit 

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Anne P Glass. Aging better together

Community 2.0: Is Cohousing the future of urban design? Towergate Insurance


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BBC Multi Story Shorts - Living together 2019

BBC iPM Elderly, Female and Trailblazing

BBC InsideOut London Oct 2018 - piece on OWCH and London Older Lesbians Cohousing - 8 mins

A different Way of Living - 6 mins

The Way to Do It  - 13 mins

BBC London News Dec 2016: ‘OWCH women are finally coming home’

BBC London: ‘What do you think of this housing solution for older people?”. Dec 9th 2016