At the end of 2016, the OWCH group finally moved in and was able to realise in practice the collaborative ethos its members had worked so hard to develop in the group’s preparatory years.


An early course of action after move-in, was to invite all OWCH’s neighbours in Union Street to drop in for coffee and to view the development that had tested their patience throughout the two year construction period.

Since 2017, OWCH’s achievement as the UK’s first senior cohousing community has generated a great deal of public interest and acclaim.  In line with their undertaking to the Tudor Trust, members have actively participated in promoting cohousing to potential cohousing groups. They took part in the Open House London Programme in 2017 and 2019; They have hosted visits of officials from the Department of Housing, Communties & Local Government, from the Greater London Authority, from the Future of London Programme and from many interested visitors from overseas. There continues to be considerable press interest and ‘New Ground’ has been featured in many articles and publications.

The group also commissioned a film on Senior Cohousing as a means of sharing its experience more widely. 

            6 minute video - Senior Cohousing - a different way of living

            13 minutes:  Senior Cohousing - the way to do It