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OWCH in touch #3 November 2017
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Jan 2018

Shirley's blog
OWCH's invited speakers, Dr Watkin and Dr Hopwood from Barnet Memory Service, gave us a two hour presentation on Dementia and Memory loss. Questions from members were presented in advance to the two psychiatrists.

They explained the range of impairments experienced by those with dementia in comparison with normal memory loss.  Differences were identified between the different types of dementia, with the range of symptoms commonly experienced.

Your GP can refer you to the Memory Clinic for diagnosis and the full process by which the conditions can be clarified was described. Post diagnosis supportive support is provided where necessary, together with suggestions for ways to cope. Attention was given to the feelings of those going through the process of diagnosis and subsequent anxiety together with provision and need for legal consequences. 

Memory aids and problem solving approaches were discussed. Dementia cannot be reversed but once identified, the process may be slowed somewhat. Helpful techniques for living with various degrees of decline were mentioned together with strategies for overall healthy, active living.

OWCH members, indeed the entire ageing population is becoming aware of reduced memory, so this session was very useful in identifying reality and lessening the fear of aspects of ageing.

December 2017

December 2017 Parliamentary Select Committee

 On Monday 4th, at 5.00 pm, the Communities & Local Government Committee heard evidence on Senior Cohousing as a form of alternative housing for older people, from Anna Kear, UK Cohousing Network, and Maria Brenton, Network Senior Cohousing Ambassador.   Their evidence may be found at 17.09 pm on the following link:

Another witness, Patrick Manwell is one of the architects of Castlemaine Court, Byfleet, Surrey, 16 flats designed to Lifetime Homes standards for people of all ages, replacing low-demand bedsit accommodation for older people. Its LTH standard allows people to remain in their own homes into old age.  It was recognised as the best designed development in the Inside Housing Top 60 developments of 2015.