Reflection and review of OWCH using focus groups.

Additional Rules to those on the wall for group behaviour

  • The intention is to review our purpose to achieve co-housing for women 50+ and to consider how that has been done over the year.
  • It is essential to remember that the purpose is social and not personal. Many people here today work very hard for OWCH both paid and unpaid. Therefore it is important to remember they carry out job descriptions formulated by us the group.
  • Any personal issues shared stay in the group unless permission by the sharer is given to take it further. It would be preferable though for the group to work harder to be able to formulate answers that can be used by OWCH for change if needed.
  • You will need to appoint a notetaker to record the democratically acceptable answer(s) to each question.
  • You have 11/2 hours to answer the questions. We can have a break after 45 mins of 10mins if needed.

Questions to consider

  1. Whose responsibility is it to get OWCH to happen?
  1. Do we make time for questions and enquiries within the group? Are they received openly and with consideration?
  1. Do we believe newcomers can bring new ideas?
  1. Are we frightened of getting a building?
  1. How do we deal with disappointment?
  1. Are we just a very pleasant talking shop with no future?
  1. Is our task too hard?
  1. Why is it we do not succeed?
  1. Are we respectful with each other in business meetings?