We are experiencing a huge volume of enquiries via our website in recent months. This shows a level of public interest that is very encouraging, plus a great need for senior cohousing, especially among older women. We regret to say that we can no longer answer enquiries about joining OWCH. Please note that there are no current vacancies in ‘New Ground’ Cohousing and we are not operating a waiting list.

  • For latest news of OWCH, see our most recent newsletter
  • For enquiries about ‘How to find a cohousing group near me’ or ‘How to develop a cohousing group’, there is lots of useful information on the UK Cohousing website

Cohousing groups near London looking for members are:
Still Green - in Milton Keynes
Cannock Mill Cohousing - Colchester
Cambridge K1 Cohousing

For all other messages and enquiries please contact us via

Registered under Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965. Reg. No. 31455R
Registered office:    New Ground, 5b Union St, Barnet, Herts EN5 4DF